Interior Design starts with the Kitchen

Your apartment or house need a facelift ? Don't hesitate to hire a Michel CLAIR Design Team to help you for redefine and organize your home.

Today, households spend a large share of their budget on interior design. The success of decorating shows on TV are testiment to this. To help you navigate this stressful and trying undertaking, the interior architect-designer is a professional who will design a space where the aesthetic and functional criteria align with your tastes and budget. He will consider lighting, ergonomics, volume, living spaces and materials to offer you the best possible solution for your needs.

How exactly does it work ?

Initially, a first meeting will give you the opportunity to tell the Interior Designer about yourself and share your needs and ideas. The Interior Designer will take the information and get to work, while providing updates along the way. Finally, he will propose a potential layout for your home.



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